Terms & Conditions

1. Member subscriptions fees are quoted exclusive of VAT and are payable annually in advance. For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to "Member" herein refers to members, associate members, founding members and any other form of member that may be admitted from time to time.

2. Applications for Membership of Decom Mission will be subject to approval by the Board of Directors or other such Membership group as the Board approves. Decom Mission reserves the right to refuse Membership to any applicant and is not obliged to disclose the reasons for refusal.

3. Decom Mission reserves the right to modify or alter the Membership fees and benefit structure at any time. The receipt of a completed Membership application form does not constitute a formal offer or contract of Membership, until such application is approved by the Board of Directors.

4. Organisation size is based upon the number of employees. Where an organisation is a wholly owned subsidiary or part of a group of companies, the organisation size is taken as the total employee numbers for the group. The category of sole trader is available only to those organisations recognised legally as a sole trader.

5. Where a Member changes category by nature of size during any annual Membership period, that Member will be required to change its Membership status only at the beginning of the next annual Membership period.

6. Decom Mission reserves the right to refuse renewal of Membership at any time to a Member who:

7. Joining Decom Mission as a Member does not imply endorsement of any kind by Decom Mission. Members may not at any time use Decom Mission Membership in promotional activities or to endorse any activity or product without prior written consent.

8. By joining Decom Mission as a Member, the Member agrees to grant a guarantee to pay the sum of £1 in respect of any outstanding obligations of Decom Mission on the winding up or dissolution of Decom Mission, such sum to be due and payable on winding up or dissolution.

9. As Decom Mission is based on consensus from all Members, Decom Mission does not guarantee to represent the individual interests of any company or organisation at any time.

10. The Members' benefits as set out in the application form are indicative only and Decom Mission does not guarantee to provide all benefits at all times and reserves the right to change the benefit structure from time to time as decided by the Board of Directors.

11. Members will be invoiced annually for Membership of Decom Mission. If a Member does not wish to renew their subscription for the relevant year then they will be required to advise Decom Mission of this in writing within 30 days of the annual subscription invoice being due for payment, failing which they will be obliged to pay the annual subscription fee in accordance with Condition.

12. Payment of the annual subscription fee must be received within 30 days of the invoice being sent to the Member. If payment is not received within this timescale the full annual subscription will still be due but all Member benefits will be terminated until payment is made in full. If payment is subsequently made, then there will be no extension of Member benefits to cover the period during which Member benefits were terminated.

13. Members will also be subject to the terms of the articles of association of Decom Mission as registered with Companies House and amended from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt where there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and the provisions of the articles of association, the articles of association will take precedence.

14. Decom Mission will process members’ personal data in line with the Member Privacy Notice which is available on the Decom Mission website.

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