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RGS Nordic is one of the largest environmental treatment companies in Northern Europe. Based in Denmark, we have over 30 years’ industry experience and specialise in the biological treatment of soil and waste water contaminated with hydrocarbons.  We provide tailored solutions covering biological treatment at our state-of-the-art facilities, logistics support, export/TFS (Trans Frontier Shipment) approvals and full regulatory compliance to a wide range of industries including oil & gas and decommissioning.

Each year we treat some 2,000,000 tonnes of soil and 400,000 tonnes of waste water.  For the waste water we are able to receive at our approved facilities under an “R” (Recycling) TFS code based on the hydrocarbon recovery that is undertaken. Both our waste water treatment plant at Stigsnaes/Gulfhavn and numerous of our soil facilities throughout the country (including Esbjerg) can receive large volume parcels by sea which can reduce both transport costs and the overall carbon footprint of a given operation or contract.

We know our customers take their environmental responsibility seriously and we want to support their contribution to sustainability. We do this through close dialogue to understand a customer’s drivers as sustainable business is good business. RGS Nordic strives to ensure a better world by developing partnerships and setting value-creation and circular processes as the new standards to meet within the water and soil treatment industries.”

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