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RedbridgeDTX Limited was created as a dedicated distributor of the AFFECTLI Business Operating and Support Platform, addressing the global energy market.

14 years in continuous evolutionary development, advanced designs and trusted by major global organisations. AFFECTLI is the cross-industry digitalisation transformation platform that offers embedded intelligent Business Operations Productivity improvement and support capabilities with seamless integration to back-end legacy systems and unlimited IIOT data-streams.

Amongst others, AFFECTLI has contributed to these industrial giants’ successful projects –

  • An international operator of wireless and broadband communications infrastructure, a Fortune 500 company.
  • A sectorial leader in the Fortune 500, one of the world’s largest companies, engaged in every aspect of the oil and gas industries.
  • World’s largest gold miner, with multiple mining operations internationally.

Whatever your project complexities, the harshest geo-locations, the collaboration and legacy system demands, physical and environment requirements, however many parties in your supply chain the organisation must seamlessly integrate, all this and more AFFECTLI can help manage – cost effectively!

Importantly, AFFECTLI is a platform that can seamlessly be added to an organisation’s IT landscape without adversely affecting the underlying environment.

Technical Pillars Embedded in Platform stack.

  • IIoT
  • Digital Twin Development
  • Deep Actionable Analytics
  • AI/ML/Big Data Management
  • Geo-spatial visualization
  • Low code/No code intelligent workflow
  • Situational Awareness
  • Dynamic Contextual Collaboration

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