ASCO, the global integrated materials and logistics management company, has marked the launch of a transformative industrial waste disposal service by announcing a contract award for its Waste Division from independent operator, Serica Energy.

The contract represents an important milestone in ASCO’s Zero Waste to Landfill initiative, which has been created to support clients in the reduction of waste production by implementing locally-assisted sustainable solutions for the onshore management of offshore waste.

Designed in response to Scottish regulatory requirements which will ban the disposal of general waste to landfill by 2025, the initiative aims to divert industrial waste, currently bound for landfill sites, to sustainable facilities in North East Scotland where 'waste-to-energy' technology is used to produce electricity and hot water.

ASCO Waste and Decommissioning Sales Manager, Simon Turner comments: “As experts in both materials and logistics management, it is logical for ASCO to increase awareness of responsible waste management, and to assist and encourage our clients to eliminate their delivery of waste to landfill.  Our aim is to make this the norm for our clients, long before the 2025 landfill ban takes effect.

“The objective of Zero Waste to Landfill is to provide safe, sustainable and totally transparent waste disposal models in collaboration with local supply chains across the UK; encouraging all companies operating in the offshore environment to safely and sustainably manage materials, reducing waste production and encouraging cost consciousness.

“ASCO has risen to answer a challenge which will impact upon operators across the North Sea and aims to divert up to 6,000 tonnes of waste from landfill per annum. We are delighted that Serica has led the way in becoming the first company to join us in this initiative. However, let's not be complacent; this is only a small step, with the ultimate goal of us all doing our bit to contribute to a zero waste society.”

Oliver Lever, Serica Energy Environmental Advisor added: "Serica is delighted to be the first in the industry to work with ASCO, trialling the Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. Serica hopes, after the completion of a successful trial, to fully commit to Zero Waste to Landfill 5 years ahead of the Scottish Government’s regulatory requirement.

“This decision reflects Serica’s concerns in relation to the social and environmental impacts arising from the continuation of the disposal of waste at onshore landfill facilities and further demonstrates our “actions speak louder than words” philosophy on leading the way in sustainable operations.”

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