After a series of successful projects last year Scaldis SMC and Mocean offshore BV teamed up again for the recently executed Horne and Wren Platform Decommissioning Project. The heavy lift vessel Rambiz successfully removed the structure in March 2017.

Mocean, an innovation driven Dutch engineering company with a focus on advanced offshore marine engineering, has based its methods on what they call ‘Ocean Engineering 2.0’. Instead of engaging in lengthy and often uncertain discussions on analysis simplifications; they turn the other way, says director Jelte Kymmell: 

“We prefer to perform a proper design based on fully detailed time-domain analyses first time around. We do this within days or few weeks. Our extensive track record of Lifting and T&I projects allows unrivalled modelling efficiency. We include all parameters, regardless of complexity, relevant for the offshore operation. Thereby ensure a profound understanding of the physics involved. This enables truly optimised workability and full compliance. This type of approach results in swift approval from all stakeholder, ensures a well-controlled project schedule, a good project performance for our client and a good deal of confidence for the operator.” 

Besides their wide range of desktop engineering support activities, they have re-shaped the landscape of marine operations with a new development. The MFS (Mocean Forecast Service), enables accurate motion response forecasting of any type of floater. It is dedicated at optimising any weather critical operation, such as decommissioning lifts, to its fullest potential, maximizing the overall project performance for the client.

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