HTL Group are delighted to announce that they are now members of Decom North Sea (DNS), the representative body for the Offshore Decommissioning industry. 

DNS is the decommissioning industry's only independent member organisation which is centralised on all facets of the decommissioning value chain.  By facilitating and managing a range of joint projects aimed at increasing efficiency, building capacity, stimulating collaboration, and reducing costs, Decom North Sea is the ideal membership for HTL to support the decommissioning industry with their premium quality range of equipment. 

HTL Group is a powerful network of extremely dynamic, innovative and flexible companies which deliver a world class product and service portfolio to the oil and gas sector, power generation, petrochemical and related industries. With solutions ranging from premium quality controlled bolting equipment, essential bolting software packages and ECITB accredited training courses ensuring HTL have a package of solutions readily available to meet the growing needs of the decommissioning industry. 
As decommissioning is forecasted to accelerate in the North Sea, HTL are prepared and dedicated to supply the most suitable and reliable range of equipment to aid the industry’s decommissioning projects. HTL’s product range includes hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioners, flange spreaders, flange alignment equipment, hydraulic cutters, and hydraulic cylinders, lifting equipment, pneumatic torque wrenches and nut splitters for both sale and hire. 

Whilst 2016 is set to become a remarkable and challenging time for the North Sea and indeed the global oil and gas industry, HTL's extensive product portfolio and flexible hire packages continue to ensure that they are best placed to serve the growing needs of the decommissioning industry. 
Plans to decommission platforms are moving forward as fluctuations in oil prices and unpredictable political issues continue emphasizing the focus on other oil producing assets and the requirement for suppliers with safe solutions to support the industry. 

With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, HTL has manufactured and worked closely with operators to create and develop world class, user friendly industry leading solutions which are reliable, intrinsically safe and can reduce the costs associated with decommissioning.

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