This week, Decom North Sea (DNS), the representative body for the offshore decommissioning industry, puts out an important call to action for any business currently involved in the decommissioning sector.
Its Late Life Planning Portal (L2P2) is an operational website, designed to support the North Sea oil and gas industry in the planning and execution of late life and decommissioning projects. Providing a single access point for knowledge sharing and cross sector learning, L2P2 has reached the stakeholder evaluation, and requires input from those with decommissioning experience.
Karen Seath, interim chief executive of Decom North Sea explains why the body is so keen to hear from industry over the next few weeks: “L2P2 provides us with a fundamental step change in the way industry approaches the decommissioning era. As decommissioning activity increases, focused planning procedures are required and L2P2 will provide the toolkit to which industry can refer during the ten year decommissioning planning phase.
“Before it can become fully operational, we need to hear from those already involved in decommissioning activity. Not only do we want to hear about best practice, company guidelines, case studies and more, we are also recruiting volunteer “Workstream Champions” to assess and verify content for inclusion in L2P2 in the coming months and years. I would urge anyone with a desire to ensure a successful future for North Sea decommissioning to contact DNS interim business manager, Pamela Ogilvie ”
Aberdeen-based software development and consultancy company, BusinessPort, has delivered the L2P2 concept on behalf of DNS. Over the past 20 years, the company has provided business management software to safety critical and heavily regulated industries, and was appointed in 2015 to implement L2P2 as a dedicated private cloud hosting environment.
BusinessPort’s chief executive Peter Shields said: “By creating an easily accessed and managed portal for knowledge sharing and cross sector learning, L2P2 meets many of Decom North Sea’s core strategic aims.
“BusinessPort is delighted to play such a fundamental role in this important project through the creation of a website which features both public and administrative elements - encompassing a content management toolset, administrative function security and a contributor layer which manages and controls visitor upload of content.”

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