Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, has launched an onsite Coriolis flow meter calibration service, delivering industry leading technical expertise and cost and efficiency savings to its oil and gas clients.

Coriolis flow meters are one of the most reliable instruments with which to determine flow measurement and have become increasingly commonplace in oil and gas flow measurement systems. However, they must be calibrated periodically to ensure they are performing as accurately as possible. As part of a new service, Intertek has invested in a highly specialised mobile Coriolis master meter skid unit to conduct Coriolis flow meter calibration. The unit performs to a greater level of precision than widely encountered in the market, with better than 0.1% accuracy. In an industry handling a high-value product such as oil and gas, the accuracy of measurement equipment is crucial for correctness and profitability. Mismeasurement of oil and gas quantities can be extremely costly and affect an operators’ overall profit margin.

Greg Dinkelman, Business Development Manager for Calibrations and Metering at Intertek Exploration and Production, said: “Historically, calibrating Coriolis flow meters has proved challenging to operators. It usually involves the movement of large units between offshore and onshore sites, which requires downtime and can be costly. The mobile Coriolis master meter skid unit will now allow us to offer this service onsite, saving our clients time, money and the inconvenience and risk of moving their equipment.” 

The skid unit’s relatively compact size means it can be easily transported to offshore environments with restricted deck space, or to sites in very remote locations. An additional benefit is that calibration can be conducted under normal operating conditions, rather than within the artificial environment of a laboratory.

Intertek’s calibration and metering business assists clients in assuring the accuracy of their systems and equipment. Metering consultancy, flow measurement services, meter prover calibrations, tank calibration, 3D laser scanning and cargo inspection are some of the related solutions Intertek specialises in delivering to oil and gas clients.

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