The first part of the webinar will consist of an overview covering the following:

1.    What is decommissioning; compare the aim and process of the current decommissioning of offshore industries and the proposed,
2.    Statistics overview through comparison of decommissioning and installation in the offshore wind industry,
3.    Case study of the first decommissioned offshore wind farm that removed its foundation entirely from the seabed through extraction,
4.    Overview of mechanics of extraction (Theoretical): (i) Failure surface shape, (ii) Skin Friction, and (iii) Negative pore pressure (Suction),
5.    Experimental campaign overview: (i) experimental scale, (ii) experimental set-up, and (iii) proposed extraction methods.
6.    Decommissioning Environmental Impact Assessment
7.    Economic – Techno – Assessment: an overview of the cost modelling (i.e. factors) developed to reduce the offshore wind fixed foundations’ decommissioning cost, in particular, and offshore wind farm total cost, in general.

The second part of the webinar will conduct the developed decommissioning EIA survey. Please feel free to access the survey before the webinar. 

    Access Via QR Code

    Access Via anonymous Link 


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Investigating and Developing a Novel Decommissioning Method for Offshore Wind Fixed Foundations: Extraction 10 Dec 20 11:30 - 12:30 Online

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