Seismic Through the Asset Lifecycle – Sharing Advances in Geophysics

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Seismic 2019 will explore the entire spectrum of seismic technology from exploration through development and production to abandonment – the lifecycle of the asset.

The conference will focus on advances in seismic acquisition, processing and quantitative interpretation, how these are being applied and provide value. Other themes include machine learning in seismic interpretation to compliment manual interpretation; seismic aspects of integrated reservoir modelling; borehole seismic and non-seismic technologies.

Nick Richardson, Exploration and New Ventures Manager OGA said:

“In order to fulfil obligations under the MER UK Strategy, licensees operating on the UKCS must ensure that technologies, including new and emerging technologies, are deployed to their optimum effect. This includes embracing the full-lifecycle application of Geophysical Technologies which have a vital role in identifying and delivering resources for both new and existing fields adding value to the UK economy.”

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Andy Alexander, Siccar Point and part of the organizing committee, explains why companies should get involved and what he’s looking forward to seeing at the conference.

“Seismic presents a great opportunity to build on the excellent conferences that have gone before and learn from companies at the forefront of seismic advancements. These conferences provide an opportunity for individuals or companies to showcase their latest technical work at the only geophysics discipline-specific conference in Aberdeen.

“The rate of change of technological innovations in geophysics is, and has always been, fast so it is difficult to stay “current” without attending conferences or meeting your peers on a reasonably regular basis. Particularly coming out of a prolonged industry downturn, it is a great time to share and learn about successes, failures and ideas. Geophysicists and geoscientists have always tended to push the boundaries of technology to get faster and better solutions and this trend seems likely to continue. I know from working with our partners and contractors on various assets that there have been significant steps forward in seismic data acquisition, imaging, visualisation and analysis. It’s clear that the power at our fingertips in terms of workstations, access to cloud computing and software evolution is allowing the geoscience community to evaluate more data, more quickly and with better integration with other data types. The volume and variety of geophysical data we acquire and deal with is enormous which makes it ripe for the emerging discipline of “data science” to apply existing and modern machine learning algorithms. The UK oil and gas industry needs the geophysical community to keep pushing seismic data to deliver new and competitive, high value barrels.”

Young Professionals Event

This year, we have introduced an event for Young Professionals entitled “Navigating a career in a dynamic geoscience world – how to adapt and build skills for the future”.

The event is free of charge and will take place towards the end of Day 1.  All delegates are then invited to attend the main networking reception sponsored by the EAGE.

The Young Professionals Event does not allow admission to the main conference and must be booked separately (see booking details below).

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Exhibition Ave, Bridge of Don

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Seismic 2019 14 May 19 08:00 - 17:00 Online

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