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Innovation and Technology is considered key to success in industry, and technology acceptance can be a barrier to market.  The subsea sector in particular has strived with the introduction of new technology; qualification is important for acceptance and there can be the perception of ‘no one wants to be first’.  The aim of this course is to address these concerns head on and identify how to overcome them.

The course will address the recognised industry methods for qualification, and provide a robust model and process for technical acceptance based on a range of industry-developed best practice guidelines.  These guidelines are key to understanding qualification issues and enabling commercialisation.

The Course

This two-day course is aimed at engineers, at any stage in their careers, who are involved in the development of new technology, or in the adoption of new technology within offshore developments, or who need to accommodate existing technology in more challenging applications.  It is equally applicable to operators, contactors, OEMs and technology developers.

The course will provide an overview of industry best practice for the qualification of technology and how to select and design appropriate testing regimes to demonstrate functionality, reliability and durability.  A combination of presentations, discussions and individual/group  exercises are used to convey the information in a dynamic and interactive way.

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SUT - The Qualification of New Technology Course 28 - 29 Sep 16 00:00 - 00:00 Online

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