Egypt’s extractive industries including oil, gas, and mining, are an important part of Egypt’s economy with a history dating back to the 20th Century. However underinvestment has caused production declines and left Egypt a net energy importer, suffering electricity outages.

Egypt’s hydrocarbon resources are significant and under-developed, with gas requiring an estimated investment of $21.1bn and Exploration and petrochemicals jointly requiring investment of $34.4bn. Attracting investment in the sector is a priority for the new leadership as the target is now for $70bn to be invested by 2022.

Join the EIC and UKTI for the Egypt Showcase for an overview of the region’s energy sectors, details of where the main opportunities lie and the support available to companies looking to do business across Egypt.

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EIC - Export Showcase: Egypt 08 Sep 16 00:00 - 00:00 Online

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