NOF Energy invites you to our Alberta and Atlantic Canada Market Briefing on 14th June 2016. Attend this event to find out how to win new business in Canada.

Energy Opportunities in Alberta

Did you know that at 169 billion barrels, the third largest oil reserves in the world, behind only Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, lie in the province of Alberta, Canada? That Alberta is by far the largest foreign supplier of oil to the United States?

Alberta is the leading energy jurisdiction in Canada, accounting for around three quarters of oil and gas investment, activity and production.

In 2014, Alberta produced 2.3 million barrels per day from 9 mines, 50 thermal in situ and 200 primary/enhanced oil sands projects and another 591,000 barrels per day of conventional oil. Despite the current low oil price environment, forecasts are that production will increase by one million bpd over the next eight years.? 

In addition to the opportunities offered in oil and gas in Alberta, significant opportunities also exist in renewable energy. In November 2015 the Government of Alberta announced a major new climate change plan, with renewable energy as a high priority. As part of its climate change plan, the government announced the closure of all of Alberta?s coal fired power plants, with 6,258 MW of generation capacity, by 2030, and that 2/3 of that capacity will be replaced by renewable energy. That will require large scale investment in new renewable energy facilities, primarily wind generation.

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Winning New Business Through Internationalisation Canada 14 Jun 16 00:00 - 00:00 Online

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