Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence special interest group (SIG) provides a central location for sourcing and analysis of market intelligence, including project scopes and timing, workscopes, and contractual preferences.

This ensures a better understanding of the future market and business opportunities, allowing the service sector to plan and anticipate capability and capacity requirements, and better availability to buyers.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Decommissioning special interest group (SIG) aims to streamline the preparation and submission of HSE management documentation, improving safety performance through better focus on key risks.

The provides members with improved understanding of regulatory requirements, improved safety performance, reduced effort and cost of document compliance, ensuring consistency allowing comparisons and benchmarking.


The Reuse special interest group (SIG) covers a wide range of themes and challenges. The SIG members research these themes with a view to increasing knowledge of where reuse has been successfully achieved, and where awareness can be raised around acceptance of equipment and material reuse in future.

In the longer term, this ties in with circular economy principles and the industry net-zero strategy.


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